Jessica Pfiffer

Engineer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, mother, writer, and philanthropist Jessica Pfiffer has dedicated her life to empowering women, spreading wisdom, and building wealth. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and mother by the age of sixteen, Jess is the prime example of what hard work, dedication, and determination develops. Bossitively Speaking was created with working mothers in mind; however, Jess invites anyone seeking knowledge or encouragement to join her on this continuous journey to building wealth and success. 

"They say you have to pay the cost to be the boss, but the last time I checked, the boss is the only one that's actually getting paid." 


-Jessica Pfiffer, CEO of Bossitively Speaking

Story of my life...

At the age of sixteen, I found myself pregnant, alone, and waiting at a public bus stop in Tucson, Arizona. Although, I was wearing my normal casual smile, my spirit was extremely low that particular day. As the bus arrived all the bystanders scrambled to enter in a hurry--but not me. I slowly drug my feet regretting ever step taken. I remember that walk of approximately 20 steps being the most exhausting walk in my life. I was a broken spirit and that day was probably the first time I had actually reflected on myself. 

I was a failure in my eyes. This was not how I imagined my life to play out. I remember entering the bus, looking around for an open seat in the rear but there weren’t any. As the bus driver pulled off I took the first seat nearest to me in the front of the bus across from an elderly lady. I sat down, put my purse on my lap, bowed my head, and stared at the dusty black floor. I didn’t want to look at anybody and definitely didn’t want to speak to anyone. I sat there and reflected some more until I heard a faint voice say, “You’re going to be alright.” For a moment I thought I went mad because I was for certain the voice was speaking to me however, I didn’t know anyone on the bus. Then I heard it again, “Everything is going to work out just fine for you.” I couldn’t ignore it the second time so I took a deep breath and slowly raised my head. 

"You're going to be just fine."

The elderly lady across from my seemed to have a glowing light radiating from her tan wrinkly skin. Her greenish brown eyes stared directly in my face and she repeated, “You’re going to be just fine.” The bus came to a stop and she exited however, her presence still lingered. At that moment, something came over me. My spirit was lifted, I felt empowered and loved. Her words were comforting and without saying much her wisdom prevailed. 

Although, I never encountered her again or even got her name, I will always remember that day on the bus. The energy I received from this fragile tender stranger impacted my life in a way one could only imagine. From that day forward I was determined to give off that same energy. I want to lift spirits, repair broken ones, empower others, motivate, and share knowledge. This is the very reason Bossitively Speaking was established. So who is Jessica Pfiffer? I’ll tell you who she is. 

"I was a broken spirit, a failure in my eyes."

Who is Jessica Pfiffer?


Jessica Pfiffer is the original founder of, and CEO of Bossitively Speaking LLC. Jess and Shalonda Johnson started Bossitively Speaking with working mothers in mind. They wanted a space where women could go to exchange knowledge, practice self-care, and learn how to make and manage their own money.


Over the years Jess has held several title worthy positions in corporate America but, nothing worth bragging about. Currently, she is a system engineer at one of the top five defense contracting companies in the world, serving as the Information Technology (IT) Operations Lead of a classified data center. Outside of her day job, Jessica’s roles consist of being a mother, veteran, entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and aspiring writer and motivational speaker. Although, she is a tech wiz by day, by night she’s planning, plotting, and working to build a legacy. 

Ms. Pfiffer is a Los Angeles native, but spent an equal amount of her childhood between California and Arizona. She’s a college graduate possessing an undergrad degree in Liberal Studies, and a Master’s of Art in IT Management. She’s heavily involved in her community serving as the Philanthropy Chair for the nonprofit WGirls LA, and a financial literacy teacher for 50/50 Leadership based out of Pasadena, CA.  


She has a beautiful daughter named Paris, who she proudly raises independently. Being a teen mom there were many trials and errors she had to overcome; and this is one of the very reasons Jessica is extremely adamant about helping women and youth. Most people would refer to Jess as down-to-earth, humorist and assertive, but definitely a realist. Her charismatic personality is always cheerful and positive, and she’s always trying to look on the bright side. 

With so many dreams and aspirations for the future, Jess has opened her private space and invites women to join in on her continuous journey to building wealth and success. Jessica wants to be that faint voice that let women know they will be just fine. 

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