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Just Focus & Reorganize | Tips for Staying Organized

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Think of yourself as an organization; your heart serves the purpose of pumping blood through the body, your lungs do their part to ensure oxygen flows into the bloodstream, your liver filters the blood coming from the digestive tract, your kidney’s filter waste from your blood, and your brain is the mastermind of it all. Our bodies are organized in such a fashion that allows us to survive as human beings. To be organized means to be arranged into a structured whole; having order. So if the body must be organized, and we know that society or any professional entity will fail without organization, then why do we allow our lives to get unorganized but still expect success? Yes, order comes from chaos but, why dance up a storm if you have the power to produce sunshine and clear skies?

It’s a proven fact that organized people are much more productive than disorganized individuals. If you frequently find yourself misplacing things, forgetting meetings, and running late you might be having an issue with organization. There are so many things in life that we are not in control of but, being organized doesn’t have to be one of those things.

In order to better understand the importance of being organized, and learn some small habits to stay organized, I met up with Janice Rostron, Professional Organizer and owner of Just Focus and Reorganize (JFR). In this interview Janice explained the benefits of being organized and outlined some small changes that can have huge positive impacts on daily life.


Janice Rostron is a Professional Organizer and owner of Just Focus and Reorganize based out of Los Angeles, CA. She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), and a former LAUSD elementary school teacher. At an early age Janice realized her natural organizing skills as she was the “go to” girl for classmates to remember upcoming assignments and due dates. This natural urge to stay organized trickled from childhood into her professional career as a school teacher. “Being organized in a classroom full of kids gave me a sense of control that isn’t easily obtained when dealing with 25 plus first graders,” said Janice during our evening meeting at Urth Caffe in Beverly Hills.

Rostron entered the organizing field originally part time where she worked in the summer for a friend’s small business to help him organize his office and go paperless. After eight years with LAUSD and four layoffs, Janice decided to make professional organizing a career. She worked one year with other professional organizers then started Just Focus and Reorganize in 2015, just one year after leaving LAUSD.

At JFR Janice works mostly with professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to help organize their homes and offices. She specializes in home, office, and even digital decluttering and organizing. Although JFR services everyone, Janice noticed the majority of her clients are busy professional women overwhelmed by the increasing amount of stuff in their lives.

After learning more about JFR, I asked Janice a series of questions to better help our Bossitively Speaking subscribers stay focused and organized.


Q: What are some of the top reasons people seek JFR?

A: People usually come to me because they feel overwhelmed, or they’re looking for something they can’t find, and often people want help decluttering a space to use it for its intended purpose.

Q: In your years of being a professional organizer what has been the number one cause of people being unorganized?

A: Taking on too much. People put too much on their plates, and too much on their calendars.

Q: What are some benefits of being organized?

A: Stress reducer, time saver, and money saver because you’re not repurchasing items. Many clients say it feels like a weight is lifted off of them.

Q: What are some daily habits that people can do to help them stay organized?

A: Having a landing and launching pad by the front door. Things that need to leave the house with you daily should go on the landing/launching pad. This could be your purse, wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. Also, things that you are getting rid of goes there as well. An example is packages to send off, and things that need to be returned, tossed, or donated.

Q: Since you specialize in organizing closets can you give us a closet organizing tip to help save time picking out outfits in the morning?

A: Well you should always pick out your outfit the night before to save time, but when organizing your closet you should organize your clothes the way you think about them. Some people prefer to organize by color, others organize by clothing type, (i.e., short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, etc.), or outfits. I prefer a combination of type and color. Regardless of the system you choose—categorize for sure.

Q: What is the simplest and most effective thing a person can do right now to get organized?

A: Put things away when you’re done using them. Get rid of things when they’re no longer useful or broken, especially clothes that don’t fit. Also, keeping clothes that are too small make you feel guilty about your weight; no need to keep things that make you feel bad.

Q: When do you think it’s time to seek a professional organizer?

A: When you feel overwhelmed by too much stuff and not enough space. If you have a hoarding disorder, there are also Professional Organizers that are trained to work with hoarders. I’m not a hoarder specialist but I have referrals if needed.

For more information on organizing or to hire a professional organizer in the Los Angeles area visit www.jfnr.net or leave a comment on this blog and the ladies of Bossitively Speaking will happily steer you in the right direction to become more organized.

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