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“The Spark” 

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Northern California native, Tiffany Spradlin was born and raised in the city of Richmond; a historical port town that sits across the waters of the San Francisco bay.  Tiffany was exposed to the entrepreneurship lifestyle from the time she was born. Rooted within a deeply respected family business initiated by her grandfather in 1949 that evolved from a neighborhood grocery store to a Mexican delicatessen that served the Richmond community for 65 years.  Her work ethic was learned at an early age consistently spending time after school and through the summers to earn the things she wanted.  Inspired by many strong women influences in her family, beginning with her grandmother who was a symbol of feminine capability and independence. During World War II she was one of the thousands of minority women who enlisted in the Rosie the riveter campaign; aiding in the war efforts where she worked as a welder in the Richmond Kaiser Shipyards. 

Sparked by the legacy and courage of her grandmother, fresh out of graduating high school and a month following her grandma’s passing, Tiffany decided to enlist in the United States Air force.

Enlisted Life

Tiffany spent eight years gaining global experience in project management managing large-scale contingency and crisis action missions and programs in her high visibility role as an Installation Deployment Manager.  She excelled in her career gaining awards at every duty location she was assigned to for her work in and out of uniform.  Some of her fondest memories stem from volunteering in the local communities and representing the installations women athletic teams in basketball and softball that led to a few championships and selection to play with the elite All Airforce women's basketball and softball teams. Severe homesickness set in after she lost her oldest brother to addiction and aunt to cancer after her last tour in the middle east. At that point she decided to end her military career, transition to civilian life, and reconnect with her family. 

"Astrology is a languag. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." 

-Dane Rudhyar

The transition 

Back home and full circle Tiffany worked part time at the family business, part time as a task contractor, part time merchandising for the Golden State Warriors basketball team, all while finishing her bachelors degree. She spent a year and a half at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco studying multimedia communications to produce/broadcast professional sport content but plans changed after a task contracting job at a highly invested software startup turned into a full time position as a research and product development specialist. She collected the data and provided the insights to help build out multiple complex features in the product while implementing policies and guidelines for streamlined operations during a time of extreme company growth and controversy. Spending five years at the company, she gained a brand new diverse set of skills that opened the door to an exciting career in the tech industry.


After the dust settled once she completed her bachelors degree in management, and establishing her new career, the universe decided it was time for her greatest role to come to fruition and become the mother to a beautiful baby boy. Caring for her newborn child and sustaining a household as a single parent has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding chapters in her life. Amidst dealing with almost a decade old long distance toxic relationship with her child's father and battling postpartum depression, she was informed her role was being phased out while she was on maternity leave and was now unemployed. Always one to believe in everything happening for a reason, she embraced the opportunity to be able to bond with her first child and tend to internal matters of the heart and soul. 

During this time of uncertainty, Tiffany reconnected with one of her adolescent passions of Astrology and metaphysical philosophy. Through learning about her birth-chart, planetary aspects, and reinitiating an intentional spiritual practice, she reenergized her self-confidence and clarity about the evolution and purpose of her souls work on this planet. Propelled by her spiritual awakening and continuous thirst for knowledge and personal growth, she hopes to share the ways evolutionary astrology and spiritual tools can positively impact your personal and professional relationships and goals.  Allow her to lead you through the cosmic universal gateway to channel a wealth of ancient wisdom that will ignite your inner passions, deepen your sense of self-awareness and soul purpose, to curate your own definition of success! 

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